Photograph by Jayden Mitchell

Photograph by Jayden Mitchell

I’m drawn as an artist to story telling. I am fascinated by how someone will look at a photograph and draw their own conclusion as to what the image is trying to say. Photography is flawed in that sense, however its this flaw that draws me further and further towards the medium. This idea of creating an entire narrative out of, what can be a normal scene to many, is something that I find extremely engaging.

My constant goal therefore is to instil this opportunity for a viewer to create their own narrative from my work based from their own experiences. I feel this is best achieved with a series of pictures, sequenced in a way that draws the viewer down a path of the photographer’s own creation. That is always the end goal for all my work.

Previous Exhibitions

- Reconstructed, Brighton 2019

- GBMC Photographic Retrospective, Brighton 2018

- Wash Collective, Manchester 2018

- Octography-Collective, Brighton 2018


- Studio Assistant to Jack Latham, 2019

- Divebar Printing, 2019

 Previous Events

- Fawcett Society Annual Conference, London 2017

- ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol 2017

- Y Not Festival, Derbyshire 2017

- Truck Festival, Oxford 2017

- 2000 Trees Festival Cheltenham, 2017

- Together the People Festival Brighton, 2016

- Y Not Festival, Derbyshire 2016

- Truck Festival, Oxford 2016

- 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham 2016